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Zions Tiny Oasis is all about the outdoors. We strive to give the most rugged and beautiful luxury glamping experience possible. From the comfort of an air-conditioned tiny home; to the private outdoor jacuzzi, you won’t lack any comfort.

About the Property

The peaceful atmosphere and stunning views surrounding the area make for a wonderful retreat from life’s hustle and bustle. What really makes this location special is how it offers seclusion and privacy, while also being just minutes away from Zion National Park. Along the way, you can also find many fabulous restaurants and unique shops in Springdale.


Due to Lily’s Indigenous roots, she believes it is crucial to honor the property. At the Oasis, we use minimal concrete in all of our builds and try to work with our environment the best we can. We believe nature is sacred, from the sagebrush to the cactus, to all the plant life around us. Before starting a project, we make sure to ask Mother Nature for permission first and express our gratitude. Also, we make sure to have frequent blessings over our land so that it can be a truly special experience for all who visit.

About the Ark

The Ark is a unique tiny with every convenience built in. Aptly named after the classic biblical story of ancient times, this tiny home really has it all!


The Ark is very special unit. It is the first tiny Sam and Lily built together. They goal was to live in it so they could get out of paying a mortgage. It gained a lot of attention through social media with people requesting to rent it. So we decided to run with the idea and Zions Tiny Oasis was born. The Ark sits on a 32 foot trailer, Sam and Lily had never taken on such a large build. Since it was meant to be their home, they built it with lots of intention and thought. A Bay window was a must! They didn’t want to live in a box so they cut 26 trusses for a curved roof. It has a trap window accessing the rooftop and a back caboose style pop out leading to the hot-tub. The beans inside the walls have positive message’s Lily wrote all though-out the house. It’s undeniable how much love was put into this home. It is still their favorite home to sleep in because of how peaceful it is inside.