Frequently Asked Questions

These are common questions that we receive on a regular basis from investors and guests alike. 

Do we sell or rent land?

We do not sell or rent land at Zions Tiny Oasis.  We are a resort in the making and have future plans for our property.  We also do not rent any spaces as we are only permitted for our own tiny homes to be in service on the property.


Do we give tours or allow visitors that are not guests?

Yes, we do allow visitors and would be happy to give you a tour, but we ask that you call or message us ahead of time to schedule an appointment.


How did we get started with tiny homes and renting?

For all of you who may be interested in our process or how we got started in this business, we are creating a documentary detailing our journey up to this point.  For now, you can check out our youtube or instagram to see more about what we do.


Do we rent our homes or spaces long term?

we do not rent our homes long term, or our remaining spaces. We are a short term vacation rental business, and our guests typically stay from two to eight nights.  We could certainly have a longer stay up to 28 nights if desired.


Investment Opportunities

This is a family owned business, and we are currently not accepting outside investors.  However, the opportunity might open up for our phase 2 of our development.  Feel free to shoot us an email with your interests and information.  When the opportunity opens up, we will make sure to contact you.


Can I Bring My Own Tiny House to ZTO?

We have a specific branding style, and our units are mostly custom made to fit that style.  We do not allow any outside tiny homes or RV's to park on our property to stay true to our theme.  We are not interested in tents, wagons, yurts, A-frames, or anything of the sort at this time.  This is due to the high temperatures, wind, and cold in the desert.  These types of structures don't hold up well in these conditions.



Unfortunately, we receive many inquiries from people who want to create something similar to what we are doing.  Though we encourage everyone to reach for their dreams, we are running a business, and do not have time to meet with individuals on a weekly basis for a Q and A session.  If you are seriously considering a project like ours, we can schedule a consultation for a $200 per hour fee.


Thank you for reading!

We appreciate you taking time to read these questions before contacting us.  We will be adding more FAQ's regularly so check back for updates.